Rate your Financial Advisor

How Does Your Financial Advisor Rate? 

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Planing for your financial future is important: that is why most people choose to work with a financial advisor. A financial advisor can give you suggestions about investment strategies. A financial advisor can help you to determine ways of reaching your retirement goals. However, what would your response be if your were asked to rate your financial advisor? 

Rate financial advisors: what do you think the criteria would be? What questions would be asked to enable you to rate a financial advisor? How about these:
1)How long has your financial advisor been involved in his or her occupation;
2)Are the fees charged by your financial advisor reasonable and appropriate;
3)Does your financial advisor give you the answers that you need in a way that is easy for you to understand; and
4)Do you feel like you can trust your financial advisor? 

Given those questions, how your your financial advisor rate? Is he or she good at the job, and has a commitment to helping others with their retirement plans been shown over time? Are you paying a fair price or do you worry that you might be being taken advantage of; are you concerned that the only financial security that your advisor has in mind is his or her own? 

Even if you trust your financial advisor and you understand the answers that he or she gives to your questions, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the savings and investments that you have. And, the easiest way of getting that information is to download the free retirement calculator at the bottom of this page. 

With it, you will be able to enter simple information about the savings accounts that you have - your annuity accounts, your Individual Retirement Accounts and even your employer-sponsored 401Ks. You will be able to enter similar information about the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you have invested in. 

Once the information has been entered, you will be able to see how your savings and investments have performed over time. More importantly, you will be able to see projections for how those investments will perform up to twenty five years in the future - projections that take changing interest rates and inflation values into consideration so that you can know whether your financial advisor has been steering you in the right direction. 

Maybe once you see the results you will rate your financial advisor well; maybe you will see that there is room for improvement. Either way, you will be able to use the retirement calculator to determine whether or not there are changes that you can make to your retirement savings and investment plans that would better guarantee your financial security. 

With the retirement calculator, you will be able to determine whether it would work to your advantage or disadvantage to invest in a different stock or mutual fund. You will even be able to see whether or not a withdrawal from your retirement savings to cover a necessary expense now would be detrimental to you in the future. 

But you don't only have to look at those changes that you've been considering; you will also be able to look at those changes that your financial advisor has suggested. That way, you will be able to rate your financial advisor based on the advice that you have been given. 

Your financial advisor may rate well, and if so you are welcome to continue working with him or her. However, if you find that your financial advisor does not rate as well as you would like, you can take advantage of a free consultation with a retirement counselor - someone who can help to get your savings back Retire Fast. 

Determine for yourself how well your financial advisor rates: click the blue button below to download the free retirement calculator and make sure that your savings and investments are Retire Fast.