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Just input your information into the calculator's data fields, which include current savings, expected inflation rate, the amount of your annual withdrawals, and how much you have invested in stocks and bonds. Basing a calculation on a 50-year history of the performance of stocks and bonds, the retirement calculator will tell you how much money you can take out of your retirement account during adverse market conditions and still retire comfortably.

You can adjust your asset allocation and calculate your withdrawal rate with 30-year projections. It's a powerful tool because for the first time ever you can use an intelligent tool that will consider factors that once took hours for a person with a pencil and piece of paper to do. Now, you can perform the same calculations in minutes and experience less risk.

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Take into consideration your 401k contributions, your employer's contributions, shares of stock that you've had for 20 years, annuities, insurance, and long-term care solutions. The calculator will allow you to flexibly figure your retirement options by letting you input the data and change the variables so that you can determine what adjustments are necessary to your unique situation. Your parents will wish they had a tool such as this.

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