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Have you ever found yourself wondering 'What is my retirement planning company doing for me?' Do you think that the money that you give them is put into the investments that you want to make? Do you have a say in which stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are purchased as a part of your plan?

If you do have a say and you do believe that the investments being made in your name are in the best interest of your retirement savings, we congratulate you. But if you're more like the rest of us and you spend a lot of time wishing your retirement company was more accessible, please read on.

You see, it's a lot easier than you think to ensure that your savings are working the way that you want them to work. Verifying that your investments are performing in a way that will ensure that your retirement will be as comfortable and financially stable as you need them to be is simpler than you probably believe.

If you want to be sure that your retirement company is working for you, if you want to take control and make sure that you can call the company you are working with 'my retirement company,' you need to do your homework.

The easiest way to do your research is to click the blue button at the bottom of this page to download the free retirement calculator that we are offering. 

Our retirement calculator is an effective way to determine whether or not your savings and investments will be there for you when you retire. Analyze your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to see how they have performed over time. Look at the impact that interest and inflation will have on your retirement finances.  Get your questions about using the software answered right away with online customer service.

But download this software to make sure that you are investing in the way that is best for you. Remember that idea you had a few months ago about changing your investment strategy,  the one that your broker told you would turn into a nightmare? Use the retirement calculator to see whether or not that strategy would work in the long term.

Maybe the financial advisor at your retirement company was right and that plan would never work. But maybe you would find that, by using it, you would triple your retirement income over time. By looking at that strategy with our free retirement calculator, you can determine whether or not your retirement company really is working with you to plan for your best possible retirement.

Even if you're satisfied with your retirement company, you can ask questions of a retirement advisor during the free one-on-one phone consultation that you will receive along with the retirement calculator download.  But if you aren't satisfied, you will find this free consultation invaluable.

You'll get expert advice on investing and saving and suggestions on how to make your investment strategy more efficient. In other words, you'll be given the tools to determine whether or not your retirement company really is working for you.

It's impossible to put a dollar value on the knowledge that this free retirement calculator and consultation with a financial advisor will bring. It's easy to use and even easier to get, just click the blue button below to begin.

Take control of your retirement calculator, click the blue button below to download your free software now.