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We care about your future. Your financial goals are our financial goals. Your dreams are our dreams. And that's why we at the Institute of Financial Planning are constantly looking for new ways of helping you succeed.

Recently, we came across a fantastic software program that will work with you to ensure that your retirement goals, no matter what they are, will be achieved with ease.

At the Institute of Financial Planning, we know that saving for your retirement can be daunting. How do you know that you are saving enough? How can you be sure that, if you need to withdraw from your savings to put a down payment on a home or to cover a medical expense, you will still have enough money for a financially stable retirement?

We know you have questions. We at the Institute of Financial Planning are committed to answering your questions. That's why we do the research for you. And it's why we are so pleased to be able to present you with a free retirement calculator.

This retirement calculator is remarkable. Just enter the values of your savings and assets, and you'll be able to anticipate your financial security. With this retirement calculator, endorsed by the Institute of Financial Planning, you will be able to understand how your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds will perform. You'll also be able to evaluate how interest and inflation rates will affect your savings in the future.

But even more valuable than that, you'll be able to test different strategies without the risk. How? Well, the retirement calculator will allow you to question your strategies using a series of what-if questions. 

And still that is not the feature that most impressed us at the Institute of Financial Planning. We've saved mention of the best feature of the retirement calculator until now. The main reason that we stand behind this retirement calculator is that it allows you to see how different withdrawals you make from your retirement savings will affect you down the road. 

You see, we here at the Institute of Financial Planning know that part of having a stable and secure financial future is having a stable and secure financial present. We know that there are unexpected circumstances that arise, and that it's advantageous to not rely on high interest loans and credit cards. 

Yet we also understand the reluctance of drawing on your retirement savings to pay for something now. That is why this tool is so valuable: It reduces your future risk, or at the very least, it lets you see how much of a risk you'll be taking.

We at the Institute of Financial Planning aren?t the only ones who endorse this tool either. Ray Martin, CBS News, financial advisor, has endorsed this retirement calculator on the CBS Saturday Early Show. We take notice when someone so recognized in the financial field takes notice of a product, that you should take notice too.

That's why we know that we are offering you a free product with extreme value. We know that using this free retirement calculator (which you can download by clicking the red button below), you're investment strategy will improve drastically. We also know that there are some changes you'll want to make based on the information that you'll be getting.

That's why we will be including , also free of charge, with your download, a consultation with a financial advisor. Once you've learned which investments will work best for you, a consultation with an expert will help to ensure that you are quickly headed down the right path: The path that ends with your financially secure retirement.

Be sure that you're headed in the right direction: Click the blue button below to get started with the retirement calculator right away.