How to Manage My Money

How To Manage My Money
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Do You Keep a List Titled How To Manage My Money?

Maybe you have spent a long time looking for methods to add to your "How to Manage My Money" list. When I kept my "How to Manage my Money" list, I wanted to be sure that I was not spending anything more than I could afford. I wanted to be certain that I was saving enough money now so that I would be able to live the life that I had always looked forward to having after I retired. But even more importantly, I wanted to be sure that I was able to manage my money effectively.

What do I mean by that? I mean that I wanted to make sure that everything that I was doing to manage my money was actually going to help me. I wanted to be sure that the investments that I made were in the right stocks, the right bonds and the right mutual funds. I wanted to know that - even with the rising costs associated with inflation rates and the changes that the government made to the interest rate - my investments would be enough to provide me with the income that I will need once I have retired. 

So I looked everywhere. I talked to my financial advisor, but all that he could give me were projections for a few years out. I talked to the advisor at my bank so that I could ask about how interest rates might affect my savings. I read the financial pages of the newspaper too - the financial pages, newsletters, tips and even books - to learn more about investing in my future. 

But nothing that I looked at really gave me the comfort that I needed; nothing made me confident that I was going to manage my income in the best way for me. Nothing, that is, until I came across this free retirement calculator. 

You have probably been in a similar situation. You may have wondered if you can manage your money in a way that will ensure you the retirement savings that you will need to have. And, just as I was, I'm sure that you have concerns about interest rates and inflation and how those values will affect the ways in which your investments will perform well over time. 

And that's why I want you to take advantage of the best tool I've found to be sure that I'm able to manage my money. This tool is a retirement calculator that came highly recommended by CBS News financial analyst Ray Martin. 

What brought a respected financial advisor to encourage viewers of the CBS Saturday Early Show to use this particular retirement calculator? I think that he recommended it for all of the same reasons that I want to encourage you to use it. 

The first reason is that it is free to download. That's right: with a free retirement calculator, you will be able to manage your income without having to spend any of your money to do so. The second reason - which is probably even more important - is that it takes into account 50 years of the ways that stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed. 

With that performance data, and the ability to project performance of your investments over the next twenty five years - along with the was in which interest and inflation rates will affect your retirement income, you are sure to be able to determine whether or not you are managing your income wisely.

But another reason to download this retirement calculator is that it is easy to use. It provides valuable information that would take you ages to accumulate on your own, and all that you need to do to get those calculations is to input information about your savings and investments. And if you are confused, immediate online customer service is available so that any questions you have can be answered. 

But I have saved the two best features of this free retirement calculator that can help you to manage your money for last. With it, you can evaluate changes to your savings and investment strategies. And then you can speak with a professional financial advisor about what you've learned during a free consultation. 

That's right, if you act now and download this free retirement calculator, it will show you ways of managing your money (just like it showed me how to manage my money), and you will also receive a free consultation with a financial planner. That advisor can help you to implement any changes you need to make and can help you to ensure that you can live the life you've always imagined yourself living after you have retired. 

So what are you waiting for? All it takes to have access to the information you need, all that it takes to get started is a click of the blue button below.

Just a simple click of your mouse / finger on the blue button below will let you make great strides towards answering the question "How to manage my money."