How Can I Make My Money Last

How Can I Make My Money Last?
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How Can I Make My Money Last? Talk to a Trusted Financial Advisor after accessing Bob's Free Retirement Calculator which will determine the maximum money you can safely withdraw from your retirement savings account while ensuring that your retirement money will last a lifetime.

" How can I make my money last?" It's one of the most common questions from those who are working and doing what they can to make ends meet while paying off their home to build equity, making payments towards the college education of their children and saving for retirement. After all, when it seems that you are working as much as you possibly can and trying to save for the future, you won't just have questions about how to make your money last throughout your retirement, you also need to know how to make your money last in the more immediate timeframe.

If you have been struggling and trying to answer the question, " How can I make my money last," knowing that you are not alone probably is little consolation. Talking with friends and family members who are in a similar situation isn't likely to make you feel better; neither is wondering about whether or not the savings that you have are in the right accounts or whether or not the companies that you have invested in are going to continue to be successful over time.

So what will make you feel better? If you just walk into a financial planner's office and ask, " How can I make my money last," will you be able to feel comfortable with the answers that you receive? Are you willing to simply try to answer the question on your own by reading magazines and books or participating in internet forums where people like you come together looking for answers?

Chances are good that, if you are committed to identifying what it will take for you to make your money last, you're looking for a better answer - an answer that you can count on. One way of finding that answer is to download our free retirement calculator and to take advantage of the free follow up call from a financial advisor in your area.

With the retirement calculator, you will be able to look at your savings and see how changing interest rates will affect the amount of money that you have available to you when you retire. You will also have a chance to look at each stock and mutual fund that is in your portfolio to see whether or not it has performed wall over time and whether or not is projected to continue to grow well into the future. You'll be able to consider whether or not small changes that you make will do more to make your money last for as long as you need to have it available.

Once you've had a chance to look at things a bit on your own, you will have a chance to say to a financial advisor - during the follow up call - " How can I make my money last," and to explain the options that you have been considering. You will be able to ask other questions too - questions that you have about borrowing against your retirement savings to make tuition payments or about investing the interest that's accumulating on your annuity accounts. The financial advisor who calls will be able to listen to your concerns, talk with you about your goals and help you to set up a plan that will ensure that you are able to make your money last.

Why settle for asking questions and not being able to be sure of the results? With our retirement calculator and the follow up call from a financial advisor, you will be able to explore the answers for yourself. That way, you can be sure that you understand the advice that you're given and you will be able to see for yourself how you can answer that all important question... how can I make my money last.