Help Investing in your 401k

Help Investing in your 401k
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Need Help Investing in Your 401k? Find Trusted Financal Advisors with integrity to manage your 401k account for years to come. Access Bob's Free Retirement Calculator now.

For many people, investing in retirement comes down to simply investing in a 401k - often one that is sponsored by your employer who will make matching contributions to your savings (up to a point at least). But when it comes to investing in your 401k, you'll find that there are still going to be options that you need to consider - options beyond trying to determine how much of your weekly or monthly paycheck that you're going to contribute.

As an example, you may have very basic questions about investing in your 401k: how will the savings accrue over time? Is two percent of your income really enough to be contributing or could you afford to increase that amount a bit? If you do start to make a larger contribution, how will it affect your income after you retire (and, for that matter, how will it affect your income now)? Is the investment that you're making with your 401k really the one that is right for the account? Is your account being managed appropriately?

Many of these questions about investing in your 401k are going to be common, especially when you've signed up for your first retirement account. When you change jobs or you receive statements on your account, you'll find that there are new questions that begin to arise and, the closer that you get to retiring, the more imperative it is that you start getting the answers that you need. Our free retirement calculator will help you to answer some of those questions about investing in your 401k on your own.

First, you'll be able to look at the way in which your accounts have performed over time, how they are currently performing and how they are expected to continue to perform in the future. You will be able to take a chance to look at which small changes you could make while investing in your 401k that could make a big difference down the road - maybe you should commit less of your account to pure savings and do more investing or maybe you should invest with a bit more risk to see whether or not you could be in a much better position when you retire.

More importantly, after using our retirement calculator you will receive a free follow up call from a financial advisor in your area. During that call, you'll be able to ask many of the questions that you have about investing in your 401k. You will also have the chance to discuss what you've learned about your current savings and investment plan and to develop a stronger sense of what you can be doing to guarantee the the retirement that you'll have is the one that you have always dreamed of.

Why settle for having questions about investing in your 401k when you can take a closer look at your accounts and take advantage of a call from a financial advisor who can and will work with you to reach your goals? Getting the answers that you need is far simpler than you may have thought.