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People who are interested in their financial future often prefer to research and conduct financial planning on their own without resorting to paying others for their services.

However, free financial planning does not necessarily mean do-it-yourself. You can have access to free financial planning even while consulting the experts.

People who are willing to do research and learn about free financial planning often earn just as much as people who can afford to pay thousands of dollars for professional help.

If you want free financial planning, you don't have to go far. We can help the self planner in planning one of the most important events of a lifetime: Retirement.

For every person in the workforce, there is a different retirement dream. Some people long for the days when they have to answer to no one but themselves and do not care where they are or how they live. Others dream of elaborate retirements that take them on various expeditions around the world. For these people, social studies and geography are no longer in a text book; they are live and in the flesh.

Still, other people dream of being able to help their adult children care for their children rather than having their grandchildren attend daycare.

Many people have selected a specific place on the globe to spend their golden years and nowhere else will do.

We understand these retirement dreams and the many others that sooth the soul of the tired worker. That's why we've devised tools to assist you with your free financial planning.

Fortunately, we do more that just understand. We also help the self planner take action so that you're your dreams can come true. One superior way of thinking through retirement and making financial decisions in the here and now is with our free retirement calculator.

Many of these types of calculators are on the market today in the form of downloads. Most downloads require payment and are limited in their abilities. But ours isn't limited. You'll see for yourself when you download the free calculator.

Because free financial planning is hard to come by, we've made a superior retirement calculator to make it easier for people like you.  

By clicking the red button below, you'll receive our high quality retirement calculator completely free of charge. In fact, our retirement calculator is so high quality that it was endorsed by Ray Martin on the CBS Saturday Early Show. Ray Martin is a top financial analyst and is employed by the CBS television network. Because of his experience and knowledge, he has been able to back this calculator and lend credence to its quality.

Once your free retirement calculator download is complete, you will be prepared to arm yourself with a wealth of knowledge.

For example, would you like to know how much money you will have at retirement if you continue your current pace of savings? Simply enter some basic information that you likely already know and you will have the answer that you seek.

Or, maybe you are faced with an unexpected large expense. The retirement calculator that can be yours free by clicking the button button below will help you see the impact that withdrawing funds from your retirement account will have on your financial future.

So, if you are a self planner and are ready to gain even more knowledge about retirement than you currently have, click the red button below now to receive your free retirement calculator.