Financial Investment Management

Financial Investment Management

Retire Fast.

Mentioning 'financial investment management' can conjure a variety of visions. The little old man sitting behind a stack of papers, ink smudges on his face, his eye glasses perched on the end of his nose. OK, that may be a little far-fetched, but there is no doubt managing investments can be a painstaking task for the average person. If that person is investing in order to secure financial security for retirement, it is not something to be taken lightly. We would like to help you with your financial investment management plan.

A financial investment manager is a trained professional who deals with stocks, bonds, shares, and other investments such as real estate. They determine the best combination of investments for investors, analyze and project earnings, and regularly monitor the investments. To help you with your financial investment management, you can download the free retirement calculator, and in short time you'll be managing your own investments right from your living room or den (or where ever your home computer is located).

Investments can also include assets. When planning for retirement, it is important to have assets and investments that will help to provide needed finances during retirement. Most people can easily manage their current assets (cash, checks, possessions that can be easily sold for cash and insurance policies). Long-term investments (stocks, bonds, and some kinds of insurance) become a bit more difficult to keep track of. The financial investment management retirement calculator we offer can help you track these investments and you can also get tremendous knowledge about what investments are best for you and your individual situation.

If you are dealing with investments such as real estate, mineral rights, assets that depreciate such as tools, equipment, and buildings, copyrights, patents, or trademarks, it could take a genius to figure out what they will be worth when it comes time to retire. However, we offer a retirement calculator for free, the Retirement Intelligence Information Services monthly newsletter packed full of information to help you gain knowledge on investments and many other areas of interest and concern to people planning for retirement. These financial investment management tools will help you get the retirement you want.

The retirement calculator is simple to use, works on all Windows operating systems (even the old ones like Window 95 and 98), provides easy-to-understand organization, and is free to download (compared to other programs that can run in the $100 range).

Remember, we also offer the monthly newsletter for free, and will connect you with a qualified financial retirement consultant in your area. Manage your investments and assets, determine what you will need after you retire, get tips on medical and life insurance, receive assistance in deciding where you will live after you retire, and get job ideas if you plan to continue working after retirement.

Get questions answered, be active in planning for retirement no matter what your current age, and gain knowledge to help you make wise decisions concerning all aspects of retirement.

We're not just tooting our own horn. The free retirement calculator was recommended by Ray Martin, the top financial analyst for CBS News.

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