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Have you had the opportunity to discuss your financial plans with a certified financial consultant? Have you been able to discuss your retirement goals and your comfort level with the investment risks you are willing to take?

If you've talked with a certified financial consultant, you know that the process can be a bit intimidating. You feel as though there are a million things that you don't understand and you worry that your thoughts and concerns aren't really being heard. Even worse, you might start to wonder whether this certified financial consultant is concerned with your financial security or with his or her own financial stability.

You deserve to understand your savings and investments. You deserve to speak with a certified financial consultant who will listen to your thoughts, your concerns and the ways in which you want to reach your goals.

Hopefully, you feel comfortable speaking up. Hopefully when you speak with a certified financial consultant you feel comfortable asking questions and you believe that you can really understand the answers that you get.

But there is something that you can do to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of. You can click the red button at the bottom of this page to Try Bob's free retirement calculator.

With it, you will be able to look at the real value of the savings and investments that you already have made. You'll be able to see how your stocks, bonds and mutual funds have performed over time. You'll be able to look at projections for how your savings and investments will perform over the next 30years.

Because those projections will take into account interest rates and inflation, you'll be sure that they are giving you an accurate view of your financial future. And, with Bob's free retirement calculator, you'll be able to determine whether those investments will get you to the financial destinations that you hope to reach.

You'll be able to explore different what-if scenarios -which investments would best guarantee that you reach your goals; how would withdrawals from your retirement savings affect the income that you would have available after you are no longer working; which highly recommended stocks and bonds will or won't live up to the hype.

Once you have this information, you'll be able to talk one on one with a retirement counselor during a free consultation. Even if you already have a regular certified financial consultant who you work with, you'll be able to ask questions and get answers. You'll be able to get advice about your investment strategy, and you'll be able to develop a plan that will help you make sure that you are able to reach all of you financial goals.

That way, the next time that you speak with your certified financial advisor, you'll have the information that you need to really understand your savings and investments. You'll be able to know which changes to your investment strategy will be the most effective for you when you plan your future.

But whatever choices that you make when planning for your retirement, you'll be guaranteed to make better decisions when you have all the facts. You deserve to have the retirement you've always dreamed of having; take the steps you need to make that dream a reality. Click the blue button to get acces to Bob's free retirement calculator to get started.

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