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Broker Dealer Advisor
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Don't Rely Only on A Broker-Dealer or Advisor to Reach Your Financial Goals 

Your financial goals are as unique as you are. While others may share some of your goals - things like the ability to travel or to put the grandchildren through college or to move into an active adult community - there are elements of your goals that make them your own. 

If you rely on a broker/dealer (an individual who sometimes makes deals for you and who sometimes makes deals for the firm he or she works for) or advisor to take care of all of your investment transactions, you may be surprised when your goals cannot be achieved. The traditional way that people have evaluated their investments is by letting their broker/dealers or financial advisors do the hard work for them; the broker/dealer or advisor investigates the investment options, and takes action. 

Sometimes, this proves to be enough. But when your financial advisor is a broker/dealer, how can you be sure that he or she is acting in your best interest? If you are ready to take back some control over your investments so that you can be sure that you reach your financial goals, then you are ready to take the first step towards financial planning. 

The first step that you should take so that you can have more of a say in your financial planning and be sure that your broker/dealer advisor is working to grow your portfolio is to try Bob's free retirement calculator (available with a click of the red button at the bottom of this page). The retirement calculator is going to change the way you look at financial planning. With it, you will begin to look at investing in a whole new way. 

For one, you will no longer have to take your broker/dealer advisor's word about how your portfolio is performing currently. You will be able to enter some simple information about your savings and investment accounts - the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that you have - to track how they have done in the past. 

But you will also be able to look at projections for how those investments are expected to perform over time. These projections will look at your savings and investments and the results they can be expected to bring over the next thirty years. And, you will be able to have some level of certainty that the amounts you see are the amounts that you will have available to you; these projections take into consideration changing interest rates and the affect of inflation on the amount of savings that you will have available. 

Not only will you be able to evaluate the investments that you already have, but also you will be able to evaluate the investments that you might make. No longer will you need to rely on your broker/dealer advisor to tell you how a change to investment strategies would affect your savings; instead you will be able to see for yourself the effect that they would have. 

Of course, using Bob's free retirement calculator does not mean that you will need to do all of your investing on your own. You will be able to take advantage of a free consultation with a financial advisor to have any questions that you may have answers, and if you choose to you can stay with your broker/dealer as your financial advisor. 

However, the benefit that comes with accessing Bob's free retirement calculator is significant: the benefit is that you will be able to know what will come of the decisions that you make in your retirement planning - allowing you to be sure that you are prepared. See for yourself the security that brings; click the blue button to get started with the free retirement calculator.

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